Misted Double Glazing

Misted Double Glazing – Condensation Between Glass – Foggy Windows

Misted Double GlazingThere are many reasons that condensation, fog or steam
appears within a double glazed unit, these include, incorrect
fitting, bad manufacture or simply that the elements such as hot and cold weather have taken their toll on the Double Glazed Unit. Windows that have a lot of sun exposure throughout the day are more likely to break down than those that are in a shaded environment.


How Does the Moisture Get in to cause Misted Double Glazing?

When a Double Glazed Unit has “broken down”, “blown”, or “misted” the perimeter seal has failed and allowed air to be sucked into the unit. In sunlight or hot conditions the glass will expand, drawing air into the Double Glazed Unit, when the temperature cools, the glass will contract, expelling the air and leaving some of the moisture inside. Over a period of time the anti-moisture granules (Desicant) within the Units framework will become saturated and stop working, allowing moisture to build up until a misting or fog is apparent.

Condensation Between Glass

Can The Misted Double Glazing Unit be Repaired?

There are some companies that claim that they can repair Double Glazed Units by drilling holes into the unit and injecting chemicals through the holes to remove the fog / condensation, the holes are then sealed with plastic valves.

How can this be a permanent solution to the problem? The seal on the double glazed unit is still broken, allowing air to be sucked into the Double Glazed Unit. The Anti-moisture granules within the frame of the Unit have been saturated and destroyed. Any water stains on the inside of the Double Glazed Unit will still be visible. Toughened glass in doors or low level glazing cannot be drilled. The underlying problems are still there!

The only real solution is to replace the Misted Double Glazing Unit.

Here are a few Quotes about Misted Double Glazing From The Martin Lewis Moneysavingexpert Website.

“I had a number of misty / steamed up windows, I tried to get my windows fixed at first but soon realised that this cannot be done and any one who says it can, is to be honest, a total liar. I ended up having the misted double glazing replaced, which wasn’t as expensive as I thought.”



“I replace sealed units for a living and have been a glazier since 1972. It is well known in the trade that drilling holes in annealed glass weakens the glass. I have replaced 10 of these so called repairs “



“I have been replacing broken down double glazed units for about 7 years now I also manufacture the glass and in my expert oponion the only way is to replace the complete double glazed unit. Who wants holes drilled into there glass anyway”



For a Free Quotation to Replace Your Misted Double Glazed Units Contact Glass and Lock Co – Leicester Glaziers

Misted Double Glazing

Misted Double Glazing – Condensation Between Glass – Foggy Windows. What causes it and what you can do about it. Read the Facts.

Misted Double Glazing, Condensation Between Glass, Foggy Windows
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