How to change a pvc door cylinder


How to change a pvc door cylinder – a simple guide

There are many reasons that you might want to change a pvc door cylinder, these include; Lost or stolen keys, Moved into a new property or simply because the the cylinder has broken or worn out. One of the main causes of cylinder failure is when a key is left in the cylinder on the inside of the door and someone attempts to unlock the door from the outside, this causes the cam on the cylinder to turn, making it impossible to remove the key.

How to change a pvc door cylinder:

pvc door cylinders are called Euro Cylinders, they come in various sizes and are either oval or standard key hole shaped. It is very important to measure the cylinder accurately. A cylinder that protrudes more than 5mm from the handles is a real security risk as they can be snapped off with comparative ease, allowing a burglar to enter your property within a matter of seconds.

Removing the Cylinder:

How to Change a UPVC Door Cylinder

Cylinder Retaining Screw

Locate and remove the cylinder retaining screw or allen key bolt. Insert your key into the cylinder and turn the key until the cylinder slides out.

Tip: Apply light pressure to the other side of the cylinder when turning the key.

Tip: Loosening the handles may make it easier to remove the cylinder.


measure upvc cylinder

measure the cylinder

Measure from the centre of the retaining hole to the end of the cylinder. Both sides of the cylinder should be measured as some cylinders are not evenly spaced. The cylinder lengths increase in size by 5mm increments i.e. 30mm, 35mm 40mm, 45mm, 50mm etc.




Install the new cylinder:

Insert the key into the cylinder and align the cam in the centre of the cylinder so that it is not protruding from the body. Insert the cylinder through the handles and secure with the retaining screw.

Tip: After inserting the cylinder, lift the handles to engage the locks then turn the key so that he bolt throws out about half way, by doing this you are certain to be aligned in the correct position for the retaining screw to be inserted.



Mark The Cylinder

Mark The Cylinder

Tip: If the existing cylinder protrudes more than 5mm from the handles, mark the cylinder against the flat of the handles with a pencil, remove the cylinder and measure from the mark(s) to the centre location hole.

Cylinders can be purchased from your local DIY store or Locksmiths. The cylinders vary in price according to the level of security required. If you need to improve your security you could buy a cylinder with Anti Snap, Bump, Pick and restricted key features.

Anti Bump Pick Snap Cylinder

Anti Bump Pick Snap Cylinder

It all depends on the level of security required and how much you are willing to pay to achieve it.

Tip: If you have extra keys cut when you purchase the cylinder, check that they work correctly before relying on them to unlock the door.


How to change a pvc door cylinder

How to Change a PVC Door Cylinder. Step By Step Guide. Easy When You Know How !