Why replace your windows and doors when Glass and Lock Co can repair them at a fraction of the cost?

Glass and Lock Co (Double Glazing Repairs Leicester) can repair most types of doors and windows and all work is guaranteed to a very high standard. In the unlikely event that the door or window cannot be repaired (due to obsolete parts or unrepairable damage) you will be sent a written, no obligation quotation to fit a new door or window. You will not be contacted again (we hate push salesmen as much as you do) unless you wish to proceed with the work.

double glazing repairs leicesterYour windows and doors undergo a great deal of wear and tear during their lifetime, they have to endure severe weather conditions such as high winds, driving rain, snow and sub-zero temperatures and in addition the natural wear and tear of the opening and closing action. Handles, Hinges, Locks, Door Panels and Glass are all affected and will eventually wear and break down. Although, there are other reasons that we are contacted to fit new parts, these include:

To increase Security measures
To Improve Visual appearance
To further improve Energy Efficiency
To fix Accidental Damage
To Repair Damage After a Break In or Attempted Break In

Patio Door Wheels:

The vast majority of patio door problems stem from the wheels or rollers breaking patio wheel replacement leicesterdown. Many patio doors are used on a daily basis. Because of that regular use, it requires maintenance to continue to easily roll open and close. Dirt, dried leaves and dead bugs can clog the lubrication in the door track so the movable panel is slow to glide and slide with ease. You can clean out the debris, but if that doesn’t improve its movement, the quick fix is to replace the old rollers with new ones. If left unmaintained the wheels will eventually stick or seize up. This will cause wear to the track and in many cases causes ireperable damage.

Patio door wheels can be changed quickly and easily by our team of experienced fitters. A free lock and track lubrication is also included with every wheel change. Contact the Glass and Lock Co ( Double Glazing Repairs leicester ) for a free Patio door survey.

Glass and Lock Co offer the following double glazing repairs within the Leicester area

  • Door handles to suit most doors
  • Window handles for pvc, wood & metal windows
  • Window stays (hinges) standard, easy clean & fire escape
  • Child restrictors for windows
  • Door restrictors
  • Realignment and adjustment of tilt and turn windows and doors
  • Resealing of interior and exterior frames
  • Patio door wheels and adjustment
  • Door panel replacement
  • Patio Door Wheels
  • Window locking mechanisms
  • Letter box kits
  • Door knockers (with or without spy hole)
  • Replacement locks
  • Safety glass fitted
  • Full range of pilkington patterns available
  • New double glazed or single glazed glass

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For locks or extra security see Leicester Locksmiths


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